Innovate your Telecare with a Digital 4G Solution

Providing you with a complete but simple connected service. With all-in-one Solution (software and hardware support, monitoring centres integration), Cutting edge technology and Partners Program.

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24/7 Protection

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our emergency platform is always ready

Fall Detection

Built-in automatic Fall Detect features

End-user integration

A platform designed to allow family and friends to stay connected using their desktop or smartphone APP.

Management Platform

Simplify and automate your in-house Telecare solution using our management platform. Search, monitor and manage the alarms of all your customers.

Roaming SIM

Roaming operation with a 4G SIM. Compatible in UK, Europe, USA and Canada with GPS

Ergonomic Design

Designed to fit the needs of the individual and assists those who have difficulty in performing tasks, especially with their hands

How it works

The Care watch will send an alarm signal and GPS position to our platforms, including family integrations and automatically call the Monitoring Centre to address the situation when the SOS button or Fall Detect has been triggered. Additional features include a Heart rate monitor, blood pressure and Geofencing.

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    Veteran Run Organisation, First Line Protect, provide Innovative Solutions for Telehealthcare services.

    Integrity, desire to serve, willingness to see a job through, attention to detail, and punctuality are just some of our company's core values. First Line Protect is a Veteran Owned and operated company. With experience serving overseas in hostile environments working with the SFSG alongside the UKSF, we used the latest technology, which helped provide sustainable and responsive communications, ensuring mission success.

    Our Vision

    To provide innovative solutions across the globe, enabling friends and families to utilise professional telehealthcare services alongside our digital solutions to maximise independence amongst those who need it most. With features such as Fall Detection, GPS Tracking, 2-Way-Voice, Access to Monitoring Applications, and much more.

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    24/7 Protection

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week our emergency platform is always ready


    Top Quality Service

    Make a valuable contribution to your customers providing exended care


    Attract new segment

    First Line Protect all-in-one solution enables you to attract new costumers



    Our support team will help you with any question about our devices and platforms


    Reduce Costs

    Reduce costs with your customers by reducing risk of emergency situations


    Increase Productivity

    Simplify and automate your in-house processes with our solutions

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