Please advise monitoring care centre is 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in case of an emergency.

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Fall Detection Alarms

First Line Protect Fall Detection Alarms are designed to send out an automatic SOS Alert to our monitoring care centre. Fall Alarms are the perfect solution for those who are prone to falls, history of seizures and epilepsy, has reduced mobility or is considered very vulnerable.

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Main Features

The Alarm has a roaming sim picking up on all major networks in the UK and Europe.

Can store up to 4 Emergency Contacts and have 5 Users on the Family Monitoring Mobile App. 

Professional TSA Accredited Monitoring Care Centre available 247, 365 Days a Year.

Automatic Fall Detection, sending out a 'Fall Alert' to Monitoring Care Centre and Family.

The Device has 2 way 'Hands-Free' voice with high quality, easy to hear speaker.

Uses GPS and Google Maps to pinpoint the location of the user.

Family and Friends can call the Alarm. The Alarm can also contact all Emergency Contacts. 

Price includes programming and delivery. Device is ready to go out the box.

Rolling Monthly Contract. No Long Term Commitments. Cancel Anytime.


Small and lightweight the device weighs less than 2 double AA batteries.  

Can be worn in the shower or outside in the rain.

Low battery warning (below 12%) sent to all the Family.

Dimensions: 2.4in x 1.6in x 0.6in.

How Fall Detection Works

First Line Protect Fall Detection Alarm will send out an automatic alert to our monitoring care centre. The reality is; should the user feel unwell, experiences spells of dizziness or is prone to falls, majority of the time the user will not be able to push the SOS button. This is why we have included the Automatic Fall Feature, should the user have a nasty fall, the alarm will automatically raise an alert to our monitoring care centre.

First Line Protect Personal Careline Alarm is linked to a TSA Platinum Monitoring Care Centre in the UK; should you have an emergency, our professional trained operatives will respond talking with you directly into the device. They will use their GPS features to pinpoint your location and send out the appropriate help. This can be your 4 Emergency contacts, Neighbours, Carers, Friends or the Emergency Services.

First Line Protect Personal Careline Alarm does not require a landline. We use our own SIM that allows you to roam anywhere in the UK, the device picks up on all the major networks in the UK ensuring to pick up on the strongest signal wherever you are. There are no additional hidden fees after your monthly payments. The monthly payments will cover all your voice and data allowance on your device meaning you will only ever pay the monthly charge.

- Push SOS Button on device to speak with an operator incase of an emergency

- The operator will pinpoint your location using the GPS tracker on their desktop

They will call your emergency contacts stored on file or call the emergency services.